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Chairman's Message

Dear Friends,

You all should have recently received our Fall appeal letter from Anna Cutino. If not, please join Friends of Cal Aquatics or update your contact information through the “Join the Team” link on the bottom of our homepage.

Anna’s letter has a bittersweet ring for me. I miss Pete and the inspiration he has always been able to instill in me. And, I’m sorry that he was not able to celebrate the generous gift to Cal Aquatics from the Cronk, Hellman, Fisher and Spieker families, because it serves as a significant endorsement of the vision that Pete and Rick Cronk created three years ago with the formation of Friends of Cal Aquatics. I am thrilled, however, to have Anna’s contribution to our effort. She has an amazing grasp of Pete’s commitment to the value of competitive sports in the development of tomorrow’s leaders.

This gift is unique, not just because of its size, but because of its structure. The gifts will be made over a ten year period, with half of the annual amount earmarked for operating expenses. The remaining half will be set aside for future uses, and will be treated as an endowment in the meantime. Needless to say, these four families have raised the standard for the rest of us….again. Please join me in a concerted effort to meet that standard.

Friends of Cal Aquatics will celebrate our third anniversary this month. I thought it would be instructive to review what we have accomplished in that time. From a fund raising standpoint, we measure three statistics: Annual Giving, Major Gifts (or, endowment gifts) and number of donors. From a “friend raising” standpoint, we measure one item, the total number of Friends registered in our database; and, we strive to host meaningful social events in order to give back to those of you who have been so generous.






Annual Giving Totals

$ 140,157

$ 310,587

$ 387,070

$ 770,694

Endowment Balance

$ 5,520,023

$ 5,562,411

$ 6,439,557

$ 7,311,969

# of Donors





Friends Membership

Approx. 1200

Approx. 1800

Approx. 2200

Approx. 2600

You will note the significant jump in contributions in 2004/05, which reflects a portion of the first year gifts received from Cronks, Fishers, Hellmans and Spiekers. In 2005/06, you will see another jump, reflecting the remaining portion of the first year’s gift, plus the full second year’s gift. Future years will reflect an amount equal to $625,000 for Annual Giving from this major gift.

Many of you have asked, “How do our donations get used?” While it is difficult to track an individual gift, we can report that, due to your generosity, our Aquatics budgets have increased each year since our inception.






Aquatics Expenses










Athletic Dept. Contribution





Other Revenue










* Projected Budget





The Other Revenue includes contributions from Annual Giving, proceeds from our Endowments, as well as ticket revenue and contracts from certain suppliers. As you can see, our responsibility jumps significantly in 2005/06. While much of the budgeted revenue is committed from the major gift, we have the responsibility to raise $400,000 in Annual Gifts compared to approximately $300,000 last year.

In order to meet this challenge, we need your help! We need your help financially and we need your help to administer the programs we offer to our teams and to our Friends. Please respond generously to Anna’s appeal and, if you are interested in lending a helping hand, please contact me or anyone else on our board.


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